Why Choose Natural Dog Snacks?
You feed your family the very best, now you can feed your pet the very best. Don't know what to get that pet owner or pet as a gift? These snacks make a great gift idea. You can personalize your order with a special From the Heart card made by hand by Lucinda, or special order a hand decorated heart ornament for that special friend or pet at Christmas.

Natural pet snacks are better for your pet because they are all natural made with human grade ingredients with no additives or preservatives. We use only fresh, all natural or organic ingredients. Every batch is home made so we know what is in each and every snack.
In today's world, too many pets are getting sick or dying from tainted or improperly processed dog food and or snacks.

FTH is committed to making an all natural snack that is good for your pet. Whether your just giving a snack because your pet is begging, or you are using them to train a pet for tricks or for a job... IE guard dog, bomb sniffing dog, bird dog or even search and rescue. These snacks are wonderful for rewards in training.

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