I was interested in trying Bikkie Bites for my dogs because they are made with all natural ingredients. Proper nutrition is very important to me and my family, and I feel it is also very important for me to take care of my pets as well as I try to take care of myself and family. After all, our pet's companionship is a true gift! When Angel and Sashi were given these treats to try they LOVED them right off the bat! I give them a treat as a reward for going outside to go potty. They do their business and run right back inside to the treat jar and anxiously await their bikkie bites!

Gail Niziol / Camas, WA

Our Cockapoo, Winnie, is 14 years old going on 5 instead. She is a bundle of energy. We were introduced to From the Heart Bikie Bites by a veterinarian in Bozeman, MT. She always has the cookies with her when she makes home visits to her clients. They made a hit with Winnie from the first bite. We give them to her throughout the day and she is always so eager to get one and waits for more. We really like the fact that they are all natural which is so comforting. We have no worries about any artificial ingredients or additives.
We have also given the cookies as gifts to friends dogs knowing they will be loved by all.

Marcia / Bozeman, MT

Duke and Diesel have always been a little finicky of any kind of treats, so I was surprised when their excitement for these all natural dog snacks went through the roof! After the first treat, they were quick to sit down for another. I used the small size treats for training and for rewards. Now any time they come in from outside, they both sit with eyes wide open waiting for a Bikkie- bites snack. I love the fact that the snacks are all natural and, of course, the snacks make them both very happy. Thanks for making a wonderful treat!

Crystal, "Duke" and "Diesel" / Sandy Oregon

Robert and Lucinda, Thank you so much for the Bikkies. When I took the package of snacks into the house, Thor knew right away that this package was for him. I have never seen him so excited. I set the package up on the kitchen counter to open later, but he wasn't having it. For years he has known to stay out and off the kitchen floor. He walked right into the kitchen, sat down on the floor in front of the counter where I had set the snacks and would not leave until I opened the box and gave him one. He absolutely loves them and I love giving him a snack that I know is good for him. I am happy that I will not have to go through another recall of snacks for Thor. Thank you so very much,"Now send me more treats before Thor (110lb Lab) tears my hand off from the residual smell of the treats!!

Jeff and "Thor"

Peanut is not food motivated whatsoever, so when I tried the Bikkie Bites I was a bit apprehensive. To my surprise, Peanut sat down with the bite between his paws and devoured the entire thing! We began to use the Bikkie Bites as motivators for teaching Peanut new tricks. It's been a year since we first tried the Bikkies, and Peanut still loves them! Best of all, I love knowing they are good for him!

Jon, Sara and "Peanut" / Washougal, WA

Robert and Lucinda, your dog and horse Bikkie snacks have really taken over at our place. Our horses, Chicker and Rocky know that they will be getting treats after our ride and have now decided that they would rather get them before the ride. We don't dare go out to the barn with out them. And our dogs Heidi and Opal will do just about any trick in the book to get a tasty Bikkie Bite. Thank you for an all natural snack that is good for our animals, and helps keep them healthy.

Jacinto and Kimmie Hausinger / Vancouver WA

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